The Spot

Electric Retreat is not your typical music festival experience. Set on the edge of Lake Limestone on a 200-acre LGBTQ inspired campground called Rainbow Ranch. Complete with Permanent constructed, air -conditioned restrooms and shower facilities, 10 constructed cabins, a dock, and a pool. The camping grounds are semi-powered and have multiple electrical outlets for campers to use on a first come first serve basis. Electric Retreat has all the energy your typical music festival only in a more intimate and unique layout.

Intimate Experience

Electric Retreat was inspired to be a semi-private cozy experience to the few that can join us. Kind of like an atmosphere that feels familiar and friendly without large crowds or intense productions. We bring in just the right amount of energy and combine that with a limited guest capacity to create a unique one-of-a-kind intimate music festival experience.

Electric Crew

Organized and presented by Dallas Tx based collective, The Electric Shadows. We strive to deliver a live experience that brings together a diverse culture of fans from all over combined with a variety of the most unique genres and performances in the electronic music scene. We stand for Peace, Love Unity, and Respect (PLUR) with an emphasis on inclusion, creativity, and acceptance. We welcome you to share this journey into this experience with us.



The main stage where you will see our featured artists.

The Fishbowl

This is our lakeside pool where you will see a unique blend of local house music artists throughout the day and into the evening.