The Event

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The Electric Retreat Experience

This Retreat is for you and we want you to have the most magical experience while you are here with us. Safety is our number one priority. This is a summer event, and we expect it to be very HOT outside. There will be plenty of trees to provide shade along with a beautiful lake on the property that you can use to cool off. There will also be a POOL! Please prepare for hot weather and dress appropriately and take time to organize what you need to bring to feel comfortable.

  • There will be one Main stage at the event that will showcase artists from 3pm to 12am on Friday and Saturday.
  • There will also be a Micro stage at the event that will have artists performing from 12am to 6pm Friday and Saturday.
  • There will be Food Vendors, a General Store, and Merchandise presently sold during the event.
  • BRING ENOUGH WATER! Water will also be sold at reasonable prices and provided at complimentary randomly during the event.
  • Ice will be brought in and sold directly from the venue at certain hours of the days.
  • This event is a 21+ only event. You must have a valid and current form of ID present when you arrive at the grounds. No Exceptions.


Rainbow Ranch Campground
1662 Lcr 800
Groesbeck, TX 76642

Dates and Times

  • The Event begins on Thursday August 6th 2021 and will end on Sunday Aug 8th. There is no entertainment on Sunday 8/8. We simply say our goodbyes!
  • Early Arrival begins on Thursday August 5th, 2021 with gates opening at 11am.
  • The event is over Sunday Aug 8th and the grounds must be cleared by 4pm.

Alcohol Policy

Electric Retreat is a BYOB event meaning NO alcohol will be sold at or during the event. You are permitted to bring your own personal alcoholic beverages on the grounds so long as they abide by our rules and policies. No Glass or opened containers will be permitted in the event. All alcohol must be factory sealed upon entry. No exceptions. Ice will be available for sale through the event.

Food Policy

We will have food vendors on site selling a variety of meal and nonalcoholic beverage options throughout the event. Prepared or packaged food is permitted on the grounds throughout the event.


We highly encourage you to prepare your trip ahead of time and ensure you have everything you need to avoid having to leave the grounds during the event. The grounds are inconvenient from local stores but if you do require the need to exit the grounds and return there is a re- entry fee of $10 per vehicle

Please note that upon entry or during the festival if an item posses a safety threat to any of our patrons, it may be confiscated and retrieved after the event. Refusing to do this will result in dismissal without a refund.